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NexDine is committed to implementing sustainable practices in all of our dining services.

The success of our company is determined by our ability to exceed customer expectations and deliver flavorful menus while working in congruence with nature itself. 

NexDine’s Environmental Plan

  • Ensure that our operations comply with all applicable environmental and purchasing laws and regulations.
  • Our operations must comply with NexDine purchasing requirements subscribed to by the company. Buy local 1st, domestic 2nd, sustainable all.
  • Continuously improve our environmental and purchasing performance using best management practices.
  • Communicate our environmental and purchasing policy and peformance to our employees, partners, vendors, and the public.
  • Conduct training to inform our employees of their responsibilities for environmental and purchasing compliance.
  • Pursue energy conservation, greater utilization of local vendors, and opportunities for partnering with local farms, businesses, and community organizations when economically prudent.
  • Constructively work with local farms and businesses to better understand their methods for delivering products and services that are in congruence with nature.
  • Work towards the goal of having every NexDine dining facility Green Restaurant Certified.
  • Click the link in the graphic to learn more about NexDine's New Leaf Restaurant, a GRA certified location, and Dining Green


  • Managers: All managers are responsible for implementing this environmental policy within their area of responsibility.
  • Employees: All employees are expected to understand their responsibilites for environmental compliance and management. They must comply with this policy, environmental laws and regulations relevant to their respective jobs, and other environmental requirements to which the company subscribes.

Local Grower Seal of Assurance

We frequently get asked, “How can you be sure the products you are getting are locally grown, and how can you be sure these
products are packed under conditions that have had safety requirements enforced in their production?"

The answer is an assurance seal by our broad line supplier. Performance Food Group puts a seal of certification on each of our boxes that is grown within 250 miles of Springfield, Massachusetts and has been grown under our requirements for safety. Look for this seal to know you have a local product.






  • Partnerships with local farmers

    Partnerships with local farmers

  • Locally grown food packed under regulated conditions

    Locally grown food packed under regulated conditions

  • Best practices in evironmental and purchasing policies

    Best practices in evironmental and purchasing policies

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