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Senior dining

NexDine understands that providing seniors with food that enhances their day is a challenging yet critical factor in their overall resident care.

At NexDine, we support your mission of improving the quality of life for residents by leveraging our resources with the expertise of your community’s staff. Together we help deliver independence and control to residents in an atmosphere of genuine respect. From dining and nutrition programs to building services, we put the utmost care, time, and attention into understanding —and meeting—the needs of each resident. After all, residents are the heart of everything we do.

Taste and Nutrition

Taste is every bit as important as nutritional content. We understand that every meal is an opportunity to create enjoyable, rewarding social situations for your residents. NexDine recognizes that enjoying the company of friends helps your residents recharge physically and emotionally. Whether they choose to dine with others or in the privacy of their homes, NexDine offers a wide range of dining options designed to delight your residents and enliven the atmosphere of your community.

Quality of Life

NexDine dining programs are appealing and offer dignity, independence, and comfort. Nutritionally, they are unsurpassed. Recognizing the important role it plays in the well-being of your residents, nutrition has become an essential component of the entire dining experience. That includes meal planning, food selection, wellness, and nutrition care. It is linked to key clinical health monitors, such as hydration, and is directly connected to an improved overall health status.

  • Healthy food options

    Healthy food options

  • Real-time customer feedback

    Real-time customer feedback

  • Delicious benefits

    Delicious benefits

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